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What have we been up to? Two month check-in

We apologize for the radio silence on this blog since the end of the conference.  After it ended and we said goodbye to the wonderful new and old friends we met over the two days, we were all thrown back into the daily grind of teaching, grading and working on other projects.  We have also been meeting regularly to discuss where do we go next.  The conference brought together many members of the Hampton Roads community who are interested in the issues around 1619 and meetings have happened at college campuses and museums around the area to begin the planning for future events. You will see we have added a collaborators page to the site, and finally taken down all the schedule and registration pages for September’s conference.  You will see them replaced in the future by registration information for future conferences and events.  We are also working on several grant applications to find funding for the wonderful work the planning committee and scholars are doing on 1619 and the related issues.   There is more coming from the 1619MOA community, please keep your eye on this space!