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Conference of Interest

We received the following message that may be of interest:

The Planning Committees for the Fifth National Civil Rights Conference (hereafter Conference) is in the process of preparing for the June 2015 national conference. The Planning Committee solicits your support by encouraging you to (1) participate in the Conference, and (2) post the attached Conference announcement in a newsletter, on social media and/or another medium that is shared with your membership, associations and friends.

For more information about the 2015 Conference (i.e., theme, registration and host community) visit the Conference website (http://civilrightsconference.com) and click on the information tab in upper right corner.

New Videos of the 2014 Conference

The videos from the 2014 conference have begun to arrive from the editors as both shorts with clips from panels and speakers and full videos of the sessions.  You can find all the videos on our Youtube Channel. The full videos have also been linked from the 2014 Conference Schedule.  As more videos are received, the schedule and Youtube channel will be updated.

1619 on With Good Reason

With Good Reason Radio hosts a discussion entitled “Witches, Slaves and Heroines” that features a clip from Dr. Page Laws, Dr. Maureen Elgersman Lee, and Dr. Paul Finkelman from our 2014 conference.